ZoomCamp helps you find the best fitness instructors and classes on Zoom 

Zoom is the new gym. Zoom is the new yoga studio.  With Zoom, you can take live classes from the world’s best trainers and instructors, all from the comfort of your living room.  ZoomCamp helps you find the best classes that meet your schedule. 

Trainers and Instructors from around the world list their classes on ZoomCamp so you can find them and join them.  You’ll find pages dedicated to different types of classes including Yoga, Pilaties, CrossFit, and Spinning. You can also find live, on-line nutrition classes on ZoomCamp. 

You can search and browse classes listed on ZoomCamp by date, type of activity, or keyword 

Fitness Instructors: List your classes and events for free ZoomCamp

On ZoomCamp, you can create free listings so that fitness enthusiasts from around the world can find and join your classes. You have the choice of posting links that lead directly to your event, or, back to your own website so that you own the client relationship and have full control over booking  

When you post events on ZoomCamp, your events also become discoverable in Google searches, as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Our Event Listing Form provides specific guidance on what information you need to add so that Google can direct people searching for ‘Fitness Classes on Zoom’ to your event. 

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